Tuesday, November 23, 2010

001. New blog for my photos - first post

Japanese Maple

Hello, this is my first post on my new photo blog.

It started with  Smiling Sally and Blue Monday.  I posted my first photo meme.  I was delighted by the warm welcome, compliments and encouragement from the photo blogging community.

Then I saw this post in Creating Lena.  Oh my, there are colour themes, daily themes, shadow, lens etc.  I joined more photo memes.  I became hooked.

My blog, Kits Chow is about home cooking but, lately,  I've posted more photos than recipes.  This is a complete reversal.  You see, I took up photography to have images to accompany my recipes.

I don't want my cooking blog to morph into a photoblog.  I don't know how it happened but Kits Chow is listed in the Daily Reviewer's Top Asian Food Blogs and I don't want to be kicked out if I don't have enough food-related content.

So now I have a photoblog.  Welcome!  

First snowfall in Vancouver, BC

Join the Red Tuesday fun.

PS:  I am just figuring my way about the template for New Blogger.  I'm working to improve the site.


Gizelle said...

Beautiful maple leaves! (It's momiji in Japanese.) With snow on them makes me think of Snow white and her red lips! :)

Linnea said...

Gorgeous first Ruby Tuesday post! The red maple leaves look right at home blanketed in the fresh, white snow. Thanks for stopping by.